Vial of Life

The Vial of Life Program is something we at Local 114 have adopted and made our own.  We will be more than glad to provide you as a city resident with a medicine vial and form for you to fill out.  The ultimate goal of this initiative is to better provide you as a city resident care in your time of need.  By you filling out the form with all of your pertinent medical information we can quickly record this information for ourselves and the ambulance service to more rapidly treat and transport you in a proper fashion.

The first step is to contact us if you are interested than we can walk you through the rest.

We can provide you or your family with the form to fill out and the vile that we recommend you place in you refrigerator.  We recommend the fridge as everyone more than likely has one and it makes a common place for us as responders to look for your information in your time of need.

The Following link below can be opened to print out your own form ahead of time:

Vial of Life Form