Smoke Detectors

It has been proven time after time that working smoke detectors save lives.  When was the last time you took a look at yours?  Do you test it monthly?  Are you changing your batteries regularly?  Do you know if they are in the proper place?  These are a few of the questions you should be able to answer.  If you can’t we would be more than happy to help you out!

At a very minimum a smoke detector should be installed on every floor of your home.  Best practices would be to have one in every room as someone that is asleep may not hear one alarming in the hall.

The best placement for a smoke detector is the center of the ceiling.  If unable to place on the ceiling and you must place it on the wall the detector should be 10 inches below the ceiling.  Improper placement or installation can cause an air pocket in the case of a wall-mounted being too close to the ceiling or ceiling-mounted being too close to a corner.  This air pocket can prevent the effectiveness of the detector.  Although, it may seem like good practice it is not preferred to place detectors in the kitchen or near a fire place.  These rooms can cause many false alarms which can cause an immunity to the noise to the residents and ultimately reduce the effectiveness of the device.

Smoke detectors should be tested once a month.  Most detectors have a test button on the face of the device that should be pressed and held until the detector alarms, however you may have to refer to manufactures guidelines.  Batteries should be replaced as needed, however it is best practice to change the batteries when you change your clock.  A detector that has a low of failing battery will more than likely make a small chirping sound intermittently.

We do keep a small stock of smoke detectors at the station.  We are permitted to provide a homeowner with two smoke detectors at no charge.  Any renter must contact their landlord as it is their responsibility to provide working smoke detectors to their residents.

If you have questions or need assistance in installation feel free to call the station and we would be more than happy to come and assist.

We have provided a mock up of proper smoke and CO alarm placement along with good places to keep a small fire extinguisher.


Carbon Monoxide [CO] Alarms should be placed in a  central area outside of sleeping/living areas.  We recommend ones that plug into an outlet as they are at a great height to alarm the residents.

As with smoke alarms CO alarms should be tested regularly and if batteries are in place they should be replaced as needed as well.  Refer to the manufactures guidelines for your detector.

If your CO detector does activate DO NOT hesitate to remove yourself and anyone else in the residence from the building.  Upon safe arrival outside call for the Fire Department and we will send a crew over to investigate the cause of the alarm.  It is understood that you may be tempted to hurry up and open some windows, we would prefer and advise that you do not and remove yourself from the situation first and foremost.  In the event of a window being open it may cause CO to escape if their is a small leak and make it difficult for us to find the cause.

Your safety is FIRST and HIGHEST priority.  If any alarms sounds get out and stay out, then call for the proper authorities!