Operation Warm

Can you think of a time when you were cold?  The teeth-chattering, knee-knocking, able-to-see-your-breath, type of cold?  In this instance, you may have been wearing a coat, but imagine if you weren’t … imagine if you didn’t own a coat and that was out of your control.  For 16.1 million children in the US, this is a harsh reality.  Many of these children are forced to walk to and from school or wait for the bus in sub-freezing temperatures.

Butler City Firefighters, local No. 114 has decided to take action.  By partnering with Operation Warm, a national non-profit, we’re committed to providing brand new American-made, winter coats to children living in these unfortunate circumstances.

IT’S MORE THAN A COAT.  This program has potential to strengthen our community in more ways than one.  Beyond warmth, a new coat positively impacts a child’s school attendance, self-esteem, and overall health and well-being.  In addition, USA coat manufacturing creates American jobs and boosts the economy-we’ve supported over 200 jobs since 2013.

We need YOUR support!  The more partners involved in our program, the more local children we can reach.  As a sponsor you would be publicly recognized for your support, and experience, first-hand, the joy that comes along with putting a brand new coat on a child in need.  Keep in mind that this is not  a coat drive- we gratefully accept monetary or in kind donations to fund this initiative.  Without your help, our goal of reaching 50 children may be diminished.  Please help us make a difference; help local children in need.


The Following Link will take you to our Donation Website:

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